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Entities to which we do not provide service in any way

  • Entities that deal with usury
  • Companies that sell wine, pork, tobacco
  • music studios
  • Theater + Dance Institutions
  • Gambling corporates / games of chance
  • Outerwear companies that show the nakedness of women/men
  • Mixed sports centers
  • cosmetic companies
  • false media channels
  • Women Empowerment corporates (otherwise: Facilitating Access to Women)
  • Secular Publication corporates 
  • Museums that display nudity in any form
  • Unnecessary cosmetic clinics
  • Corrupt political voters
  • entities that support sex anomalies

In the event that you want to obtain the service and your activity/entity is not from the list of prohibitions from the service at the top, you can choose a free appointment of 30 minutes to discuss your project and to see if your entity is eligible to receive the service or not and to obtain an approximate price based on the size of the project scope, purpose and objectives that you want to achieve from this investment.